extra credit


instructions for meditation with rose

1. find a beautiful rose

2. fix your gaze upon it

3. begin to deepen the breath making your inhales and exhales of equal length

4. continue breathing deeply and count your breaths on the exhales from one to twenty one and then backward down to one again

5. continue to breathe in this way for as long as feels comfortable until you find stillness in the beauty

6. deeply inhale the fragrance of the bloom

7. say goodbye to your rose with gratitude and serenity



mood board for the valley lifestyle


here’s a closer look at this idyllic story:

abundance pervades the life of a valley woman, a wellspring from love:


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human & animal friends.

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the valley woman respects all living beings – even insects – and wouldn’t hurt a mouche.

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affectionate toward flora as well as fauna, she is at home in nature and has a green thumb.

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and quite naturally our valley woman thrives on an organic plant-based diet.

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her home is a series of hygge spaces and outdoor leisure scenes.

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but while her residence stands as a bastion of tranquility to be sure, an active lifestyle is essential to the vitality of the valley woman: fitness as well as adventure. quite worldly – she is fond of both town and country and adores the sea, the mountains and the desert.

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grateful for her life and a philanthropist at heart, the valley woman strives to achieve a consciousness as expansive as the sky. her bliss is only interrupted when she is called to support an underdog: whether it be a human, an actual dog or maybe even a plant!9F6F82A2-12BF-46DF-B24B-DA4C56F28949fin for now.AD6DB2F7-63A5-49C8-833B-2625AB25F859valley(getintuit)