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hi everyone. it’s me, julie(/jules), writing to let you know that i am pleased to introduce my intuitive therapy and holistic wellness practice under the name crystal nation. it is my hope that we – the human collective – can become more sensitive to each other if we start by being more sensitive within and toward ourselves. we do this by inviting in crystal-clear consciousness, while at the same time accepting our inevitable shadows. i have had the privilege to learn from wonderful teachers and the opportunity to develop strategies to stay soft and sensitive in an intense, sometimes hostile world. i hope that you will let me share these ideas and methods with you. i am now accepting clients on an optional donation basis (yes, a zero dollar donation is more than fine; your time is valuable!). it would be a mitzvah or great kindness if you would please become one of my first clients or refer me to a loved one as i begin to establish my practice. (ps i also hope to become certified as a life coach soon.)

my areas of focus include:

restoration of the feminine aura
life-styling & natural beauty
self acceptance, self care & holistic wellness
presence/present moment awareness
the chakra system
emotional guidance system development
fear, grief & anger
positivity and personal energy
connecting to the Earth
authenticity, life purpose & sovereignty
abundance & manifestation
creativity & spirituality
relaxation & leisure
relationship management & cords

please feel free to reach out using the form below or call me at +16503028122 to set up a free consultation.

consciousness clarity || collective clarity

crystal nation.